Below are some outline materials related to courses I have taught/developed – typos/corrections welcome! You can also read about my general thoughts on teaching in my teaching philosophy statement.

Final Year Projects 2023/2024 (3H, Durham University)

Project outline: Nonlinear Dynamics with Noise

Differential Equations (Math 37A, Brandeis)

Course syllabus – math37A_syllabus

Probability (Math 36A, Brandeis)

Course syllabus – math 36A syllabus

Outline course notes – math 36A notes

Multivariable Calculus (Math 20A, Brandeis)

Course Syllabus – math 20A syllabus

Outline course notes – math 20A notes

Simulation for Finance (MS455/555, DCU)

Lecture Notes – MS455 notes 2017

Computer Labs

Continuous Assessment

Final Exam